In love with Letterpress

Last week I had the great pleasure to begin a collaboration with my good friends Doug and Danika over at D & D Letterpress. Just like me they have a passion for design that has been touched by the hand of the maker. The tactile quality of the beautiful, thick paper after letterpress printing is such a joy and something that can never be replicated by digital printing.  This dying craft requires great attention to detail and is very labour intensive. I take my hat off to these passionate young people for playing a part in keeping the craft alive. In their Northern Beaches Studio they print with two beautiful presses including my favourite a 1920โ€™s foot powered Chandler & Price printing press.

After visiting their studio for the first time I knew I had to have something and thought my illustrations would come out really beautifully off the press. Despite me throwing the guys a bit of a challenge the process was very smooth and the outcome very beautiful!!!

The prints are a limited edition run of 50 on 300gsm cotton rag paper. As the first step I hand painted each sheet with watercolour and spray paint. Thus each artwork is an original! Then we pressed my illustration over the top in a beautiful navy blue. I am so very happy with the result.

I am selling them for $95 each including domestic postage please pop over to my shop if you would like to purchase one xx